Become a Trainer: Join a Camp or Masterclass

To be able to train others in Democracy Fitness, you need to be trained as a trainer. Our trainer camp and masterclass are full-day workshops aimed at equipping you to train others in Democracy Fitness.

They will provide you with a basic understanding of Democracy Fitness as a concept, learning style, and method. You will participate in various training sessions, facilitate training, observe training, and continuously give and receive feedback from trainers and other participants.

What can you expect to gain from a Camp or Masterclass in Democracy Fitness?

💪🏽 An active, fun, and social method that strengthens people’s ability to participate in democracy, which you can use for all age groups and sectors of society.

💪🏽 Facilitation that makes democracy understandable and accessible – even when it’s challenging.

💪🏽 A method that builds democratic confidence.

💪🏽 A way to connect democracy with everyday life and everyday democracy.

💪🏽 Introduction to all democracy muscles.

💪🏽 A good understanding of the democratic principles and values behind Democracy Fitness.

💪🏽 Introduction to the full concept – from scripts, tools, and spaces.

💪🏽 Introduction to the trainer’s role and mindset.

💪🏽 Facilitative training methods that you need as a trainer in Democracy Fitness.


What is the difference between a trainer camp and a masterclass? Anyone over 15 years old can become a Democracy Fitness trainer. A trainer camp is for those who want to train others but may not necessarily have much experience in facilitating. A masterclass is for those who already work with facilitating others either professionally or voluntarily. This could be if you are a trained educator, a volunteer soccer coach, or an experienced process consultant.


Should “Democracy Fitness Trainer” be on your resume? If you and others from your organization or workplace need a Masterclass so you can utilize Democracy Fitness in your work, then reach out to us. We can tailor a camp for you, or you can join one of the open camps and masterclasses we host. You can see a list of the open workshops here:


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Democracy Fitness is slowly expanding its reach. Our trainers and partners are organising trainings at new locations all over. On the map, you can find and contact your local Democracy Fitness partner.


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Do you and your community need to strengthen one or more of the democracy muscles? A training session always lasts 30 minutes, and we train all groups ranging from 6 to 40 individuals, aged 15 and above, who are curious about everyday democracy. Classes, students, colleagues, boards, wedding guests, etc.


When you’re trained as a Democracy Fitness trainer, you can become a partner. As a partner, you become part of this website and receive ongoing updates on graphic materials, scripts, and new muscles.