Democracy Fitness is for anyone over the age of 15.

There are a couple of ways a Democracy Fitness training can be organised. Depending on your agenda, a single ‘muscle’ exercise can be applied as a fun 30 minute ice-breaker activity for your group or network meetings. A Democracy Fitness training can also be applied as an introduction activity at an event where democracy is the main topic.

And lastly, Democracy Fitness can function as a full or half-day course, where all of the 10 muscles are trained to strengthen your community’s overall democratic self-confidence and provide a certificate in everyday democracy participation. ● +45 23 90 45 67


FREE for 15-20 year-olds

With support from the Nordea Foundation, it is currently free of charge to book a Democracy Fitness training for groups, where participants are between the ages of 15 and 20.

Otherwise, if your event is association-based and includes youth-to-youth training, the minimum price is DKK 2,000, .

Minimum price for others and larger companies is DKK 5,000.

Prices from

2.000 kr.

per. training