30-Minute Sessions

Do you and your community need to strengthen one or more of the democracy muscles? A training session always lasts 30 minutes, and we train all groups between 6 and 50 individuals who are curious about everyday democracy. This could include school classes, students, association members, colleagues, boards, wedding guests, etc. You can book a training session by emailing:

Training and Democracy Presentations

Democracy Fitness can be used in many ways and contexts. The individual muscle-training programs can stand on their own and function as an active 30-minute break in an established group. A training session can also be combined with a presentation on Democracy Fitness as a concept and method or a presentation on participation and democratic innovation, providing insight into new ways of working with democracy and participation.

Masterclass in Democracy Fitness

Should “Democracy Fitness Trainer” be on your resume? If you and others from your organization or workplace need a Masterclass so you can use Democracy Fitness in your work, then reach out to us. We host full-day workshops regularly, and you can book us for an internal masterclass for you and your colleagues. You can see a list of the open workshops here:

You can read more here


Who Can Participate?

Democracy Fitness is for everyone and can work for both groups who know each other and groups who need to bond. Democracy Fitness is also suitable if the participants are of different ages, such as young and adults together, e.g., politicians/teachers/parents with students/student councils/youth committees. Our democracy fitness trainers primarily speak Danish, but we also have trainers who can conduct sessions in English.

If you want to know more, please write to

If you want to know more, please write to




If you want to know more, please write to