THE 10

Democracy Fitness is a training concept which challenges the traditional understanding of democracy. Democracy is something one needs to train – and it should be fun, challenging and meaningful all at the same time.




In a democracy, everyone has a voice. You must be able to listen without prejudice and learn from others.


In a democracy, you can actively engage with whatever you are passionate about. See it take off!


In a democracy, there is room for diversity. You must know how to compromise so everyone feels they are getting more than they are giving.


In a democracy, participation is important. You should find the courage to come as you are. You already have the guts to do it.


In a democracy, we need to learn from each other. You must poke around and leave no stone unturned.



In a democracy, we often disagree. You must be able to accept disagreement, as it makes us all the more wiser about one another.


In a democracy, there is room for everyone. You need to accept individual diversity and be empathetic towards others.


In a democracy, a sense of community is needed. Making room for other people’s ideas strengthens the collective.


In a democracy, differing opinions are allowed. In order to shape your opinion, you need to be able to voice it and listen to the opinions of others.


In a democracy, we all have a voice. You need to get to know your own voice in order to use it meaningfully.